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Estate Planning

Estate planning is something applicable to everyone, no matter their life situation or their age. Some people make the mistake of thinking estate planning is only for the wealthy or those nearing retirement. However, a person’s estate is simply their possessions or assets. For example, a person’s savings account, vehicle, rental property or home are all part of their “estate.” Estate planning is the act of preparing ahead of time for what will happen to these assets once a person dies. However, it can also include end-of-life preferences. Read on to learn more about estate planning and how the Law Offices of Joseph Threston guide clients through the process.

Landlord / Tenant

Both landlords and tenants need to be aware of the laws in New Jersey that surround renting out a home or apartment and need to understand what to do if something goes wrong. From the operations and responsibilities that come from owning a building and renting it out to the rights of the tenants who rent from you, you need to know where to turn if you need help.


Probate is simply defined as a legal, court supervised act that is sometimes required after a person dies. You have likely heard of someone receiving an inheritance from a grandparent, aunt, uncle or parent, for example. Well, the probate process is the legal act of moving an asset (inheritance) from the deceased person’s name into the recipient’s. In general, a surviving spouse or other close family member or person of authority will go through the probate process and ensure all assets are given to those who were selected to inherit them. However, not all assets have to go through the probate process.

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